Thursday, 4 August 2011

I love bananas because they've got no bones!

It has been a wee spot quite on this random photography blog recently.

No reason for it really, just couldn't be bothered thinking of anything to write. 

Hows about that for an exciting and attractive first couple of sentences to get you really sucked into the meat of blogdom. I seem to have been hit with a spot of computer laziness that I just cant shake. I have been working hard, I have been taking lots of photos, but as soon as it comes to the computer I really cant be bothered touching it! This laziness has a strange benefit coming along for the ride though, I seem to be shooting much better on location. I know to anyone else it would seem like this is the point, but I used to love Photoshop, now it feels like the enemy? Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to start harping on about mmmmwwwweeee film is better cos of this stupid reason, mmwwweeeeee photoshop is lying, mmmmwwweeee Digital art is the future and all that pish, just really lazy and, recentley, I've been finding it faster to do it before the shot than after (Cheers Glasgow MET and UWS, 3 years down the line and I figure it out myself, like everything else!).

Anyway, I was asked by a lovely girl called Lauren to shoot some product and styled location shots for her new business. It is an online store called Love Yesterday and it sells a tasty range of vintage styled reproduction clothing from a few different tasty brands (50's Hollywood style). The team was assembled and the job was done. 

Massive thanks go out to Lauren Strattan and Nicole Farrell for strutting there fabulous stuff on both the product shot and location days, they looked amazing, did the job very well and were good craic as ever!! Also a big massive huge thanks to David Farquhar for painting some fine faces both days (Some more grand projects with David coming soon, yas!), and the amazing George for stray hair spotting and light moving like a pro!!!. The location section of the shoot was shaping up to be funny funny. Thanks go out to fierce Camille, shy Clare, smiley Laura, cheeky Hana, roped in and glamorous Lauren (website owner), cake goddess Pamela and the also roped in Pamelas lovely friend (very sorry I never caught your name!! how rude!!) for being the amazing extras, you really made the day!.  We pilled in, pulled the lovely shop apart, eat all the cake, upset the laundrette, put on a show and had a wee chuckle doing it. Perfect.


Less chat for sure, more snap for sure. 

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