Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Leo, Leo, Leo, Leo ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Well well well.

The illusive internet evading Leo Blamire has been out-ed on the web. He has tried to avoid it, but here he is.

A week or so back I was asked to go out and shoot the lovely Mcghill Duncan gallery in Castle Douglas. I have shot the interior of this gallery a few times before, but this time we were trying something new. The results should will be up here soon, but this isnt the time for that.

As I was out I got a chance to sneak a peak at what Mr Leo Blamire gets up to of a day. So I thought I would grab a few snaps of his work shop. Tasty frame action coming up. 

If you are in trouble and you need a piece of artwork framed/delivered, this is the man you call.

Introducing the main event Leo Blamire.

ps. check Gatsby out with his hoodie n that, classic whippet action.

Schnapps snap chat.

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